This past May, I was smoking a cigarette on my friend Vanessa's stoop in Chicago when I heard an ice cream truck down the block. The tune that played had a snare that sounded a lot like a Commodore 64 snare. So I thought it would be nice to organize a music project focussed on imaginary ice cream truck music in a chip music style even though I'm slightly lactose intolerant.


I also thought it would be nice to include stories about ice cream and ice cream trucks and to ask the musicians for their favorite flavors of ice cream because aside from the least crafty student at your favorite university, everyone loves ice cream. Additionally, I chose to include an infinitely looping field recording of a New York City street scene that may be listened to while the tunes loop in a separate player.


My hope was to have the compilation done in time to release on June 21st, the beginning of Summer in the Northern hemisphere. But, I screwed up and took three weeks to write this three-paragraph introduction. So, without further ado and all that noise, here it is — Ice Cream for 8bit! • Richard Alexander Caraballo · July 9th, 2007